Papua New Guinea Registry Services 

Consolidated registry services for Companies, Foreign Certification, Business Names, and Secured Transactions

The Challenge

Papua New Guinea undertook an endeavor to modernize its Business Entities legal framework.  Consequently, the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA), as acting registrar of companies, needed significant updates to the Business Entities Registry.  The IPA’s existing registry system faced issues with respect to compliance enforcement, reporting, and workflow management.  IPA found that modifying this functionality affordably was challenging, and sought to obtain a more versatile, cost-effective system, capable of accommodating multiple registry types, adapting easily to evolving requirements, managing compliance and workflow more effectively, and providing improved reporting capabilities. 

The Solution

Paradigm Applications was selected to collaborate with the IPA to provide a registry solution to address these challenges.  The objective of the project was to integrate various IPA registry services, including PPSA, Companies, Foreign Certifications, Business Names, Business Groups, and Associations, into a single Registry Services Platform which would address deficiencies in the legacy system, ensure compliance was undertaken on a regular basis, and provide effective workflow management and reporting. 

The Impact

Our team worked with the IPA to refine business processes and identify business requirements for the new system.  Our registry system was then customized, largely through configuration, to enable all of the registries on a single registry platform. The legacy data was migrated to the new platform and the transition to go-live was seamless. Through meticulous planning and dedicated teamwork, Paradigm Applications successfully migrated to the new system, enhancing efficiency and functionality. This accomplishment reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and the collaborative efforts of our talented team. 

One of the key achievements in our implementation is the successful transition of all forms to almost exclusively online submission. This strategic move has not only significantly reduced administrative burdens, but has also led to the near elimination of paper filings. This shift aligns with modern technological trends, and reflects our commitment to fostering environmentally friendly practices. Clients now experience a more accessible and user-friendly interface, promoting efficiency and ease of use. 

Our back-office solution takes operational efficiency a step further by incorporating comprehensive work queue tools and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) diagnostic metrics. This enhancement enables optimal workflow management to ensure streamlined processes across diverse registry services. 

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February 08, 2024