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Transforming Public Registry Services

To emerge as the foremost provider of government registry software surpassing societal expectations by delivering unparalleled efficiency and excellence.

Our commitment is to establish the industry benchmark, offering solutions that are flexible and configurable, empowering governments to effortlessly adapt to the dynamic landscape of evolving needs.

Secure Solutions for Sensitive Data:

We promise robust data security and compliance measures, ensuring the protection of sensitive information in adherence to the highest industry standards and government regulations.

Adaptable Technology for Changing Needs:

Our commitment is to provide scalable and flexible software solutions, capable of seamlessly adjusting to evolving government requirements and accommodating diverse workflows.

User-Friendly Accessibility for All:

We pledge to deliver intuitive, accessible interfaces, guaranteeing a positive user experience for government employees and citizens alike, with a focus on inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards.


About Paradigm Applications

Our Challenge and Response

A wealth of experience in government registry software development has provided Paradigm Applications valuable insight into the numerous challenges facing government agencies tasked with providing high-quality registry services.

Such agencies are charged with managing complex and ever-evolving data requirements, ensuring the security, accuracy, and quality of data, and providing easily accessible public registry services.

Often these challenges must be met with a limited budget, resources, and infrastructure, under compressed timelines. Additionally, the systems must be continually maintained to address emerging technology standards and challenges. The overall integrity of the registry is essential in preserving public trust.

Paradigm Applications was formed with the vision to address these challenges through innovative efficiencies. to maximize efficiency in all aspects of the development, delivery, and support of registry solutions.

Paradigm Applications is a global Registry and IT Services provider, positioned as a leader in online registry applications for Commercial Administrative agencies. Paradigm Applications specializes in user-friendly, state-of-the-art technology for electronic registry solutions, enabling ease of customization, rapid deployment, and web-based access for staff and business users.

Paradigm Applications, based in Sacramento, California, USA, was established in 2005. Our services are predominantly provided to national governments and donor agencies. Agencies we have worked with include the World Bank Group, the Asian Development Bank, the United States Agency for International Development, and the Inter-American Development Bank.

The core business of Paradigm Applications is providing varied Registry solutions leveraging our core registry system. Our online registry application utilizes the latest technology to enable efficient customization and deployment of high-performing, multi-lingual systems. Our mission is to ensure success for our project partners. Paradigm Applications has developed a suite of portal and back-office applications in support of varied registries including, but not limited to Secured Transactions, Corporations, Business Names, Business Licenses, Foreign Certifications, Credit Registries, Insolvency, and Notaries. Paradigm App’s applications are designed for ease of maintenance and trouble-free deployment to agencies that perform many of the same business functions.

We have completed registry assignments in over 25 countries around the globe, including countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific Island Nations, and Europe, as well as the United States. The Paradigm Applications organizational structure is designed to efficiently build a team with the key capabilities required to rapidly develop and deploy a successful registry.

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Hear From Our Founder

We provide cutting-edge registry solutions, meticulously crafted with a user-centric approach and adherence to international best practices.

John Kimbler
Founder & CEO, Paradigm Applications
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Meet Our Leadership

John Kimbler

Founder & CEO
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Ben Bacon

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Laura Kurth

Project Director
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Gary Sin

Senior BA
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David Maxwell

Senior BA
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